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Can a PM refuse to accept any addtional works ( change request) if the project for his orgnization and they are matrix orgnization?

As a project manager I handle some projects and after I start the excusion, I recive change request from the engineering unit and that will delay the project. They project is also for my company so there is no outside stock holders.
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A Project Manager is not empowered to "refuse" Changes .
Any changes can only be rejected by the Change Control Board and/or the Project Sponsor who pays for the project .
It's a Project Manager's job to influence the stakeholders and explain change management as follows

1) Any change to the project's baseline affects - Scope , Time , Cost.
2) The Stakeholder will to request any changes through a written Change Request
3) The Written Change request will need to be presented to the Change Control Board of the Project
4) The Change Control Board will need to evaluate the request and then authorize the change to go ahead or Reject it. This means the sponsor commits to the change in scope , time and cost and authorizes the PM to take on that additional work or rejects the change and this is formally noted and minuted in the Change Control Board meeting.

In the absence of a formal Change Control Board, you will need the scope change to be agreed or rejected in Writing from the Project Sponsor and present it to your engineering department.

Agree with Deepesh,

Change request need to be approved by Sponsor or client. The PM need to document impact of requested change and put the change request to required authorities.

The PM must not decide about changes. The only thing for what the PM is accountable is about to define the project change management process (if not exists) and to follow the project management process. In the last one the project manager is accountable for performing all the activities needed to put the needed information into the hand of people that must take the decision.

I am not sure of whether I understand your question correctly. In case of internal project, change management should be based on the performing organization's policies and /or approved individual change management plan for that project. If those permit the project manager to refuse a certain types of changes, project manager is able to refuse a certain changes upon careful review of change requests based on the those policies or individual management plan before submitting to CCB.

Even this might be applicable to external project of an organization to the extent that seller's project manager should be responsible for avoiding any scope creeps and for successfully completing the project in terms of project objectives.

A project manager might submit any change requests from stakeholders to CCB or authorities whatever it is called upon careful review for the changes which are indicated as beyond his /her capabilities to decide in organization's polices or individual change management plan, contract documents, agreements etc.

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