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Can someone point me to resources en español for PM training?


I work with a healthcare NGO in the Dominican Republic and I would like to provide them with resources for professional development of some project coordinators. I appreciate ideas of print and/or in-person training materials written en español. There is currently no budget for training, so these would need to be free or very low cost as I would need to solicit a sponsor to fund the training (we are looking to apply for the PMIEF grant to supplement this training later this year).

Thank you for your assistance.
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Also, if anyone in the DR is willing to provide pro bono training, please let me know!

My recommendation is contact the PMI`s Dominican Republic chapter. I know those people and I believe they will help you. On the other side I trainned lot of people around the world into project management and business analysis from 1989 up to date. I have lot of materials in spanish and I have no problem to send the presentations to you. But I can not spend time to explaining the material at no cost. Please understand me.

Also contact other PMI chapters with native spanish is the primary language. I some have developed PMP prep and other materials in spanish and may be willing to share.

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