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I need recommendation in scope of pm software. Any suggestions?

Please recommend reasonable software having in mind following criteria:
1. Integrated notifications,
2. Support for Gannt chart,
3. Reasonable price per license.
Exclude: MS Project, Trello, Asana.
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If MS Project is out, SmartSheet - a way to share online spreadsheets, might be an option for you. You can create Gannt chart look and feel. It's pretty inexpensive per license as I understand.

This may be an option. No personal experience.

May also want to look at Bamboo's Project Central, or BrightWork if your organization uses SharePoint.

I think you should broad your expectation for getting the right tool. I am very found of Russian solution Spider Project because of its ability to deal with resource constraints at portfolio level and therefore provides me advanced Scheduling features for teams that are sharing activities accross multiple projects.

This tool has some learning curve because it has integrated features that are found in tools such as Primavera when attached to other plug-in and extras. Therefore, you will find Monte Carlo Simulation, trend analysis, multi-level Earned Value reporting, multiple WBS design and Scheduling application, resource leveling by capability, availability and skill, optimized constraint Scheduling and very cheap control mechanism as all users may report project activities for free.

Just my personal experience: As a mac user I think that OmniPlan is very nice. Easy to learn and efficient to use (i.e. it does everything I want to do, and I can accomplish it with very few clicks).

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