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I am looking for a simple way to provide updates to the executive level on all projects within the organization.
I currently manage my projects manually and now I must report bi-weekly to the CEO. How do I provide just enough information without overwhelming him on the status? Our organization is very new to PM so right now we have more projects going on than can be maintained.
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Ideally, with some sort of stakeholder analysis, you should have a sense of what the CEO will want to see. In the end, you want to tell the whole story with as little as possible - At a Glance status reporting. Anything in yellow or red, have answers, mitigation plans, impacts at your ready.

You say projects are managed manually. What does that mean? MS Project, Excel, Outlook, pen & paper, etc? Are you the only PM? If no, are you reporting all projects, acting as the program/portfolio manager?

At the most fundamental, having basic KPI's across the projects will give you a start - Status (on-track, delayed, ...), what is the overall health based on the iron triangle, any risks, resource changes, change requests, notable updates. With that information, set criteria to determine the overall status of the portfolio.

The questions will come on yellow or red projects. Why, and what.

If you use MS Project (2013, 2016) there is built in reporting, which can be c/p into PPT quite easily for a report.

Very good points and tips already provided by Andrew.

Before typing away, I suggest you sit down with the CEO and ask him what sort of information he would like to see, manage his expectations. The rest should be easy like a Sunday morning :)

I would go first with Eduard tips "What does the CEO need?Want?"

Then build a standard reporting format, some example can be found here, out of the box products have some like Andrew suggested.

Make it simple for PM that they don't have to do multi report, complete one and information posted to other presentation format

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