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Project Business Case Development - Articulation of Risks

I am looking into how to effectively articulate risks in business case development. Any pointers?

The way I currently look at this is through three lenses:
1. Business case risk - risks relating to not proceeding or proceeding with the project
2. Project delivery risks - relates to resource, skills, funding, scope, quality etc
3. Operational risks - relates to current and future impact of the project on BAU

I am wanting to learn and share this, and compare notes with the community.

Happy to discuss this off-line or over the phone.


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Jamal I think you three lenses are good

My experience is more with the first two, PMBOK cover the second in my view

Interested in knowing more

Hi Vincent,

Sorry for not posting earlier. Just commenced in a new role and now 2 months has passed!

Still noticing that PMs are struggling with concept of risk management. It is different to issues management and clearly we are still a long way from nailing this.

I am wondering how others are handling the challenge I posted here as per my earlier message.

Keen to hear comments and ideas.


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