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LearnSmart compared to traditional classroom based training

I'm fairly new to the PMI and Project Management scene i.e. being part of an online community whereby one can ask "dumb' or "entry level" but professional questions without being chased out of the website with pitch forks and burning stakes :-)

As mentioned in my first question I'm currently doing my PMP as well as Agile and then I stumbled across (excuse us in the developing countries for being behind the rest of the world).

After having a look at the LearnSmart and other training providers on the Udemy website it got me wondering:
How would this type of training and or course material compare to that of a traditional classroom based course? I mean LearnSmart offers the compulsory 35 Contact hours required for the PMP and they also offer some PDU's on other courses. This all comes at a fraction of the cost when compared to the classroom based training. Is it worth pursuing or is the standard of the online courses below that of the classroom?
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I prefer classroom training over any of the online training because you can ask n number of questions during the session. The trainer would also help you to clarify doubts while resolving quiz/sample questions for every knowledge area.
Also, the queries raised by different co-trainees would help you to understand practical scenarios. You may also get few people who are interested in having group studies and target for PMP exam together.

I agree with Sonali. I think you get more out of a classroom based training session than you do working alone and remotely because the environment promotes discussion. However, this type of training often allows a better work/life balance as you can often complete it at your own pace and in your own time and space.

I've had great experiences with classroom training. The networking, learning about various experiences and implementations, etc.

But it comes down to the individual - resources, location, timing, etc.

I enjoy the interaction of classroom settings more, but I've taken some LearnSmart courses, as well. They're better than reading the PMBOK and you can count the contact hours.

When deciding which to pursue - classroom or online - I realize budget is the first concern. After that, consider your learning style and your schedule. Interacting with and learning from other project managers will help you become a better project manager, but it may not be as much help in preparing for the PMP exam. The PMBOK is a guide, and we don't all follow it strictly all the time, but you need to know what PMI wants in order to pass the exam. Hopefully that makes sense - in real life, you can step away from the PMBOK; on the exam you cannot.

By budget or time, smartlearn is a good choice, but,as Sonali says, in a classroom you always has more chance to ask questions and learn from others questions too

Classroom training is always more effective but like already mentioned there are a lot of mitigating factors that would have someone lean to the online training. timing, costs and location's being the most common. For example. Udemy offers a MS Project course for $15. Good luck trying to match that cost for a classroom session. My experience with Udemy has been very positive. Instructors will get back to you with your questions

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