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Human Resources and Communications align with Activities, Dates and Resources

Human Resources and Communications align with Activities, Dates and Resources
Just as the Cash Flow graph shows what is the need for money on every stage of the project, the same principle apply to Human Resources. Different specialized and operators human resources are needed during the project execution. Planning the allocations of human resources is key to the continuous project flow.
The definition of the human resources, hours quantity and cost per hour is defined on each activity. A graphic can be developed to show how is the curve of need for each kind of human resource and activity. That will give an idea of how to hire the people and avoid last minute problems. Also it will help to not over weight the people with more job than any can accomplish.
Chart 11 (showed in the youtube video link below) shows how each human resource is defined per activity. How many hours are needed and what will be the cost per hour to have the budget for human resources per activity and for all the project. Remember that the unitary cost of the resources are centralized on the sheet of Resources Costs.

Next a Pivot Chart will show how the human resources and hours are needed all the way down of the Project. This will help you how to plan and allocate the people that is working with you. Look the Chart 12 (showed in the youtube video link below) on the next page.

The communication tasks to human resources during all the project is one of the key factors for success. Every person working with us must have a clear idea of what are their responsibilities and when are needed at the right time. Printing out when her-his services are needed, how many hours and how much she-he will get paid is very important for the project climate. The people will have the chance to plan the time and if something goes wrong she-he has the baseline of what were the plans and in what part they were broken. Everything has to be documented. For example in Chart 13 (showed in the youtube video link below) the payments for her-his services for operator C are print out. So she-he knows beforehand when is the time to start and finish each task to avoid delays.

Please check this 5 minute video and will be thankful to hear your comments:

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