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Organizational resource planning and availability Matrix

Right now I have challenge to see the entire developer's planning in single sheet and their next availability for further projects.
Few developers are working on single projects and few are on multiple projects at a time. I am looking for some spreadsheet template where I can see the developer's availability.
Please share your thoughts so that I can either use your templates or help me to build such spreadsheet.
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Resource calendars can help you. I don't have a template ready with me.

Hi Prashant,
I don't have any template. may be you can create a Histogram in Excel (or similar) where you have the projects on X Axis and the columns would be the "sum" of developers in the project

Dear prashant,
This is typical staffing managent sub plan. In my opinion the best way to make such plan would be, to make a person wise project engagement amd availability schedule.
This can be done by listing all the person names in first column, then against each person name you can put the project name he is handling,
Additonal filters can also be applied by adding a column for available, on deputation, engaged etc. finally against each project and person name you can put the monthly spread.
After completion of this database you just need to put the pivot table and you can get the report in whichever fomat you want.

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