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How to get agile experience while unemployed?

I'm currently unemployed. I'm seeing a lot of job postings requiring agile experience...which I don't have.

Any thoughts on how to get that experience while unemployed?
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hello Kevin, I am also looking for a PM job and the most of the job posting requiring Agile experience , so please let me know if you find any solution ,


I suggest you do volunteer projects. Check with your local PMI chapter for opportunities, or look for volunteer Project Manager opportunities on sites like VolunteerMatch.

As Eric eludes, experience can be gained through volunteering. This can be done with, or independent, of your local Chapter - or both!

Additionally, you can gain knowledge and insights through educational activities, training, seminars, webinars, etc.

Adding to above, check with PMI R.E.P.s in your region.

Read the basics of Agile Scrum, the key words, their usage and how they are used in real world. The basics of Scrum process are not that heavy, so maybe first get your head wrapped in the terms and concepts, later if you volunteer or take a course online, you will become a pro easily. All the best.

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