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How do you define your leadership style as a PM?

Which one do you feel provides the better results for a Project Manager?

1) Authentic Leadership
2) Servant Leadership
3) Transformational Leadership
4) Other
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Though I am working in Agile model and acts as a Servant Leader, but I have seen that team members are not matured enough to perform as expected during the Sprint duration.
So, I would say combining Authentic and Servant Leadership helps me.

As you have already noted through your question, there are differing methods and techniques which can be useful in different projects. You need to look at the (1) the experience levels of the people on the team, (2) the customer requirements and their culture, (3) the attitudes of the stakeholders, and (4) Your own personal preferences for leadership to determine how and why that style will work for you.

I think the better results are achieved by adopting a leadership style or styles that best suits the organisation at the time of the project. The most important aspect for me is to check honestly with your team whether your leadership style is working and be prepared to change it, or to enable the team in some other way.

Always shooting for the coaching style, to inspire more collaboration and allow the great ideas to develop organically within the team. Overarching servant leader.

From your list, 3- transformational - be flexible, resilient and motivate, automatically, you will become a great leader.

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