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Same Role - Different Department - Same Job

I'm flummoxed about how to justify change on a role that is duplicated in my current organization. I need help from experts in trying to identify the impacts and maybe even discover new causes ; however, I think I know the root of the problem. Here's the scenario....

Thank you for responding. Here's the history...I'll try and make it to the point.

Right now I am just a BA, I took another job last year because my boss was not crazy about having a women in IT and would not support me. So I had to leave my portfolio manager job.

So I am in a new organization altogether for a new role as a contract BA. There was a war between IT and the Utilities department. IT along with the vendor that was selected for utilities billing department failed to fix things and provided poor service to the utilities department and other areas. The IT department is short-staffed and was not able to provide a decent turn-around time to fix thing or even have the manpower to try. Go live for their billing application was in 2014, the IT Department paid the final payment and there were still 70 items, many major functionalities that did not even work and don't today!!! Utilities Director was upset with the progress over the last 3 years and up and decided he would hire his own Utilities BA.

Well I got hired; however, IT has a BA on their side that came just a few month before me and has been now assigned on every project that I am on. On one hand it makes sense, they have to protect the IT compliancy, business practices, proper tech support etc. However, on the other hand it has caused problems. What could have been a collaborative efforts on projects; has now turned into the IT BA pulling rank as the "official IT person" and therefore having complete control all of my projects and the Utilities projects.

Further, the IT team is hostile towards me. The one BA has a strong personality and has major temper tantrum when things do not go her way. She insults and demeans people in front of other team members. She demanded something of me that she didn't even need and proceeded to tell me in a meeting; after I intentionally failed to produce it..."Do I need to send you a reminder". The information was already sent to the developer and I refused to allow her to "screen things". This person is a BA, not a manager with a formal title however, she find the audacity to question me about my PTO time. This same person is NOT my boss; I have a boss that I report to. This BA has even asked about "why I am friends with my boss..because she hates my boss"!!

However, her IT Director has given her authority to say and do whatever she wants!!! They have exploited the fact that Utilities has their own BA on the Utilities payroll. They have been acting in a manner that I am an "extension" of their department and must be managed and told what to do. Which I have to correct them, that this is not the way this is because of whose payroll I belong to. From my perspective, I am an internal client protecting the interests of the utilities department and technical initiatives. Therefore, I cannot be demanded to manage, close and update their spreadsheet (instead of using a ticket system of the 74 items that were not fixed for billing). That is a desktop support issue..even though they are request from utilities, they expected me to manage their spreadsheet and refused to put the items in the ticketing system. They wanted me to do it. Further when the billing vendor got involved, the PO started using the spreadsheet for development notes, their Ticket #'s and etc. I refused to maintain this document.

My boss has talked with the IT Director and demanded that the hostility towards me stop. (I'm certain it would be this way with anyone in the position).

I feel the hostility stems from the fact that IT is sore "that they could not provide proper service levels and that a department had to go and hire their own BA"...which makes them look bad. Hostility further results in the fact that they have both of us as "professionals" trying to do the same tasks. I want to have my own tasks separately from hers...and this is not the way this organization has this role structured.

I have only been on a project once that had two BAs....the project was large enough with so many applications that each BA could take a task and own it from beginning to end without stepping on each other toes. This position, to me was a band-aid approach to me for a larger problem. Me being there does not solve their problems with the vendor and only amplifies the hostility with IT because the IT BA wants to run the show on EVERYTHING and tears apart my work and has basically gave every impression that she is BETTER and she is in Charge of Me even though I am salaried by Utilities not IT.

Further, when I came in the door, my boss stated multiple times, that departments were considering hiring their own BA's to compensate for IT's lack of providing service! Who has heard of this??

This makes absolutely no sense to me. The problem is that the IT dept needs to hire more staff...not that depts should be hiring their own BAs! To me, they have two BA's trying to do the same job on the same makes no sense. Each of us cannot shine individually and the other is constantly trying to outrank; outperform; dominate an control all the tasks. How is this supposed to work???

The manager seems to have no clue about how this position should have been structured. They specifically told me in the beginning, they didn't know how the role would evolve. To me it was assembled without much thought. Having people on the same role is not working for me and I am not much of a fan of trying to spin my wheels in working with a narcissistic person, Further, this person will actually takes time to pick lint or anything off one's clothes every time they see me!

Many times I don't have work because IT has not finished up the RFP process or haven't pushed a button for permission for me to do work. So my work is completely hindered by their department. I sat for nearly two to three months will little work because of this issue. I have an MBA working on my PMP and this is what I had to do.

My bosses are in a fog...they understand the hostility as it existed before I even arrived..however, they don't understand why the dual roles is NOT the solution. I need help with trying to justify a better solution, OR another positions that does not interact with the monster with ten heads OR, I need to leave. Help Me Forum....SOS!!!

So, I wanted to see if you have a few suggestions to justify why this duplicity in roles cannot work. I think its a waste of City/public funds.
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The best advice I can offer you is to work on your strengths and find another job. This organization is certainly not worth the time and energy that you are spending on it.

There are duplication of responsibilities in several companies and yours it not unique.

Change of Management always brings with it new ways of doing things. Sometimes you do not understand organization restructures and it always seems like the management is favoring its near and dear ones and promoting them and creating new roles for them for the sake of it.

There will be managers and companies who would value you for your skills and qualifications.
Yes, I'm surprised is so ready to waste money just because he and the IT Director are power playing!

I guess this could work if the IT BA actually worked with you to deliver the business need. In the end we all work for the business and need to put aside differences and find common ground. Sounds really messy with everyone trying to be the boss here.

I agree with Deepesh, but before you leave the organization, i suggest you to make the power point presentation that show how your thought and how to accomplish that project on your opinion.

Maybe the content is : how's the "as is" situation, and how exactly the "to be" supposed to be and then the "gap" between them. So they can see the gap and know what to do.

Then send it to your manager and IT Director. If they know your value, they will held the meeting to see your presentation and your explanation. If you can convince them, maybe you shouldn't have to leave your organization. Good luck..
Thank you so much for the advice. Yes, I agree,it possibly could have worked, but the person is too overly concerned with dominating and puffing herself up for self glory. Yes, this is why I posted on a forum of professionals, so that I could build up my recommendation before I leave. I have my performance plan quarterly review next I wanted to compile some expert opinion. Thanks again for you insight!!!

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