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How to track performance of every team member in Scrum Team?

We say that team members are self managed, cross functional, independent in Scrum Teams. So, the resources can perform all kind of work.
In such cases, how to track contribution/performance of every team member?
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I can answer. But if you let me, if you are into linkedin, put this question inside this group: (Agile and Lean Software Development). Is a great group with lot of well experienced people inside it.

You need to do your job as a project manager first. Motivation is a very important key for success. As I always say, the team will deliver based on your expectations, this has been very accurate in the vast majority of cases that I dealt with. In rare situations, you may get someone who is not performing, this situation has to be carefully analyzed to understand the root cause of the lack of performance, you never know, there might be a great lesson to learn. corrective actions must then be taken, and documented.
The idea here is not to rush to judgements, which is the case in most situations that I saw by others

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