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How many rows are maneagable in a MS Project schedule?

And what is your preferred option when the number of rows exceed a certain amount? i.e. creating a master file with sub-projects on it.
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A schedule with several thousand rows can be managed well, if one organizes tasks well, and uses filters and custom fields correctly. I'll sometimes split tasks into a master project with subprojects, particularly when I'm sharing the schedule with stakeholders and I don't want them to be overwhelmed by a massive schedule (I encourage stakeholders to view the schedule so they can gain confidence in the project's success by seeing for themselves that it is well-organized).

Totally Agree with Eric, depends on your organizational skills

Also worth noting is the the 'Grouping' feature. But, as a whole, Eric supplied a strong, realistic response. There are various scenarios, and actions required when viewing, monitoring, updating, or sharing the schedule, Filtering or Grouping methods are probably the most widely used, and simplest, as you're still managing a single schedule.

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