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Suggestions about what activities I can do to make my team feel better and can perform well, during delivery project phase

We are in delivery phase of the project, but the adjustments of last moment requested by the customer appeared. I negotiated with the client only certain changes that would be within the contract, and the team is working...But the week before, I saw that my team is very stressed, nervous and even get sick because of work overload. Help me with your suggestions about what activities I can do to make my team feel better and can perform well in this last week.
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It seems that you need to use the concepts of reward and relaxation. If the team is working hard, recognize their efforts. Hold a relaxation event such as a length lunch gathering, and recognize the team for their hard work. Also recognize the team by giving rewards, these are key motivation. Make them feel appreciated.
While doing this, invite high level management to show how much they appreciate the team.

I agree with the points mentioned by Mohamad. If you are hard pressed for time to organize lengthy lunch, please have your daily lunch as a team and dont discuss official matters during lunch. Another way is try organizing pizza parties inside office while on work. Be jovial while in office, have a smiling face and try to address the team's personal/health issues whenever you can. There is no hard and fast rules on how to handle this, but each situation demands a different and measured response

Hi Jimena,

I agree with Ramachandran Swaminathan. Wanted to add few of my suggestions.
Work with the team and allow them to come in staggered timings ...if it works for you.
Convey them to the team that you are not particualr about thier timings.
So also, please instill confidence in them that they can discuss anything with you- i mean both project and personal issues. Wherever you can, extend your allowing them to take doctor appointment/visits, work from home etc.
Sometimes, it also can happen may be receiving direct emails on Minor changes directly from your counterparts etc. You tell your team that, before responding to that email, they can include you so that, you can prioritize though they are small in nature etc.
Identify peaks and valleys in the team and pair them accordingly.Also identify who are good at repetitive tasks/labour intensive tasks and who are good at solving Logocal problems etc. and assign accordingly the same tasks to them. I am sure, to do this, you will decompose huge task into sub tasks etc.
Though there is no Direct METRIC, definitely EMpathy has a great influnce on Team.
This is from my Personal experience.

Being in delivery phase ,hopefully the team should be in “ performing “ stage. That means there should not be any ambiguous in achieving projects goals, acceptance criteria , roles , responsibilities and accountabilities.

Now for the customer changes / requirements, the team has to follow agile practice which can be lead by PM only.
Please ensure that there are no hidden conflicts inside team and all are equally loaded though they are overloaded.

Tangible &intangible benefits which shall be reaped by Organization shall be communicated by PM in a structured way.
Motivation to accommodate these last moment change shall be done PM.

Daily Stand up meetings for 15 minutes , Rewards system etc., shall help a lot.

Situational leadership is important in such situations.

And also, i will conduct daily stand-up call with the team. it will take per person Half minute to a minute or a team of 15 people. It will enable me to have close interaction and so also a touch base.

I take daily status as well.

While there are great answers above not of them could assure that you will get the objective you tried to achieve. Why? Because what you can do depends on your stakeholders and your team are stakeholders too. So, you have to perform stakeholder analysis to know your team (indeed you have made that I believe) and plan stakeholder strategy to achieve what you need. For example, after working in the beautiful Ecuador with people of that country that leaved in Quito, Pichincha and Guayaquil I can affirm that the same thing does not apply for each of them that belongs to those different and beautiful cities (no matter is the same Country) and mainly it does not apply for people that live in Argentina like me.

Thanks a lot by your suggestions, all are very important and I will considers inmediatly.

Sergio it is a pleasure that you have worked in Quito and Guayaquil, I too meet two cities of Argentina and I liked a lot Buenos Aires and Iguazú.

A sincery hug for everyone of you, thanks a lot for share your knowledge and experiences with me.

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