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PMO effectiveness measurement
Hi, all, In my new role doing portfolio management, I'm trying to get some existing data on size of organization vs. size of PMO and measurement of effectiveness/ROI. Where could I start to locate these type of data? thanks in advance
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PMO keeps the data- related to how many projects/programs/portfolios have been run and their dashboards- historical data- successful/unsuccessful/overrun-underrun projects etc. So you should be able to get that data from the PMO itself.
For the size of the organization and size of the PMO, it is typically the HR that can provide such info, please verify with your company policies for the same.

For measurement of effectiveness - was success based on the iron triangle, organization strategy and alignment, benefits realization, or a combination. If the PMO was existing, hopefully, there is historical data to reference, and other materials to garner around the purpose of the PMO. If the PMO is new, through research and dependent on the org structure, determine the PMO success criteria, and the standards from which it will be measured.

A lot depends on the definition of effectiveness. If your role is portfolio management, I'm guessing that you may be looking for value out vs. cost in, risk vs. value payout, strategy alignment output predicted vs. actual outcomes, and other portfolio-type metrics. The thresholds for those are very specific to a particular organization, so I question why you'd be looking for more "global" comparison data, as there is almost no way to normalize that data in a sufficient way to meaningfully use such a comparison.

If you're looking for the more traditional cost in vs. projects out, triple constraint forecast vs. actuals, though, that's easier to find.

this should be defined during PMO setup - comes from sponsors of PMO.
It really depends on business unit, industry type, customers, etc.

For example, you can measure on monthly basis % of "green projects" vs. "red projects".
% high complexity projects vs. low complexity
# resources
actual vs. budget

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