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Lean Management

Please help me to understand how "Lean Management" pieces of training will help in IT and How effective would be for Operational Managers or Project Managers?
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I wrote a post on Lean, you may click on the link below.

Lean management solved many of the issues that still plague IT. The problem is that few people see the correlation between manufacturing and software development or networking. If you go listen to some lectures on IT management, though, you'll hear plenty of references to Toyota and Lean.

Mr. Fararjeh thanks for the article on lean management. Very helpful.

Wade stated a great point. Lean like Agile (both are not the same) are practices that can be used into any type or organization if they are ready for that. That includes the whole enterprise architecture (business, application, technology, security, information layers). My recommendation is going to the basement. Here a link that could help:
Justo to comment, while Lean was defined taking Toyota TPS both have some differences

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