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7x tips to help you pass/ get credential CAPM and PMP exams.

1 – Search and Get a study book about PMBOK guide. Normally the learn logic into the books are more organized then PMBOK guide Line, don`t forget that the focus of Guide is Show us the Information, a lot of information, otherwise the focus of study book is help you learn.

2 – Try to understand first the relationship about All Process Groups and Management Areas. You can use the MS PowerPoint to help you in this task.

3 – Prepare a Plan to answer the questions per Management Areas, the objective is check your evaluation across the future.

4 – Pay attention of the Process to Obtain Information and Data, 100% of these you need a Mattings or other group thickness.

5 – Keep you focus to Learn and strong the Planning Process, considering that its more representative for the PMP exam.

6 – Study every day marking the most important words and subjects. When you start a new subject, review first the subjects marked before.

7 – Focus only in the books exercise, check if your evaluations is increasing.

Good look.
I hope you Success in you Exam.

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