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Is micromanagement of employees helpful in increasing organizational productivity?

There are many managers who believe that through micro management of their employees organizational productivity can be increased is it true?
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Never. Team will become demotivated. Eventually the team will not have self start!!!

Never, research says if you have freedom to execute your decisions without much oversight – your stress remains under control. Yes, coaching is important, but the direction won’t be of any support. The direction sucks the brain energy. If you are a leader, help team to think what is the best way for them and give them independence in work. Remember, change comes from within not by force.

No... I don't think so. Team members don't like micro management or even the tools like Sapience which keep track of their activities. Management should never such tools.
Instead, find out their areas of interest, keep them challenged with work, keep motivated, give rewards/awards, connect with them regularly and listen them... It will be helpful to improve productivity.

No. Employees are hired for their skills and experience - the value they will bring with them to the organization. Micromanaging them will stifle the employees ability to add that value by 'doing what they do best'.
1 reply by Fazal Hussain Aasar
Jun 12, 2017 3:56 AM
Fazal Hussain Aasar
Amazing answer Andrew really a thoughtful perspective but employees tend to stop working at all until and unless you do not give them direction.

Generally, micromanagement has a negative connotation. You discourage employee empowerment, stifle growth...its bad management.
However, one of my former bosses micromanaged his department members until such time they can work competently and with minimal supervision. Amazingly, his 'micromanaging' results were positive--his staff productivity increased and he can now confidently delegate tasks unlike before. His staff acquired his working style and level of standard and what are his peeves.
1 reply by Fazal Hussain Aasar
Jun 12, 2017 3:57 AM
Fazal Hussain Aasar
I have also seen micromanagement of employees beneficial in some cases but why is it that mostly it fails.

I think a Manager who leads by example and puts the right people in the right positions will have better results than one who micromanages.

Root cause for Macro management - 1. Lack of Trust, or 2. When the scope is not well defined to delegate the same to an employee with set objectives. PM looses his "birds eye" view on the project while macro managing the employees... I have seen number of PMs doing this mistake. PMs should know how to delegate work and monitor.
1 reply by Fazal Hussain Aasar
Jun 12, 2017 4:45 AM
Fazal Hussain Aasar
Good perspective Krishna indeed if a manager spends his/her time micromanaging some employee then he loses bird sight on the whole project.

Micromanagement is the worst thing one can do - It will demotivate all the team.

I just scanned through Chapter 9-Project Human Resource Management (PMBOK). No where is micromanaging mentioned. So, no, it won't increase productivity, it will do the opposite.

The first thing to do is to define productivity. When you ask, what organizations think about productivity is too far to the definition. For example, most of them think productivity in terms of cost reduction and then they are lost in the mid-long term when start productivity initiatives. The second thing is making or not micromanagement is about the organizational culture. Culture is one of the variables inside the business architecture layer. You can agree or not with micromanagement but if the organization use this type of culture is up to you to stay in the organization or not. With all that say then you can analyze if for a particular context micromagement could help to gain in productitivity or not. Is not about what we believe. Is about what the reality or the context need to be used. And by the way, I hate micromanagement. But it does not matter.
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