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If out-of-tolerance product is accepted by the Owner for work performed by in-house construction staff, is a response to a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) required?

The Owner insisted to the Construction Manager that since it performed and accepted the work, no response to the NCR was required. The CM indicated that as part of the Project Quality Plan, an NCR is part of the processes approved by the Owner for the project. CM explained the Owner’s acceptance of the work “as-is” was understood, but the Quality process and a response to the NCR was required by the Owner and it was essential for acknowledging the rational for acceptance of out-of-tolerance work as well as the risks and consequences from the acceptance. It would also serve for a Lessons Learned moment that might result in changes in requirements for future work and increased operations monitoring for future maintenance cycles.

How else would you handle the questions?
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Sound strange to me!
I would possible inquired if requirement where too high.

Strange but true. CM explained that if the requirements were too high, the NCR should indicate same for accepting as-built conditions and include revised metrics for use in monitoring in-progress work and in updating future requirements. This may also be a time for retraining assigned personnel on PM and QA fundamentals.

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