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How Robotics shall impact Project Manager

There has been lots of buzz in the various industries about the Robotics taking away jobs and many routine as well as complicated task are being replaced by the Robotics
whats trend in this area...
How does this affects the Project Management and Projects...
we must need to have clear action item for this...
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I don't see how robotics can negatively impact Project Management. Will robots negotiate agreements between difficult stakeholders, or help teams progress from the storming to performing stages? Can robots defend their projects against Management's attempts to deprioritize them, or help people from countries with different work habits and social cultures work well together? Project Managers don’t have to worry about being replaced by machines anytime soon.
Project Management is an art that involves managing both project schedules and human beings. Robots could probably manage project schedules well, since these are objective, but they can’t (yet?) deal with the many subtle nuances of human interaction.

Too much of a human and emotional factor to project management, so it may impact some, but never completely replace us. That's my theory anyway.

There has been several discussions on this topic recently. There will be no direct impact, however, PM''s will need to familiarize themselves with technology and industry.

Totally agree with Eric!!
Project management is completely unpredictable and hence challenging enough. Robots can help in repetitive tasks and predictable actions. Robots cannot make decisions based on situations, cannot negotiate, etc.
I don't think that Robotics would affect Project Management.

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