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WITS - What It Takes to Succeed YouTube Channel

Hello fellow Project Managers.

After writing for many years on What It Takes to Succeed. Many of you have asked to see the leaders and experts who shared their wisdom and their guidance on what it took them to succeed. Because of your encouragement and support I am creating WITS YouTube channel:

Please select the link and Subscribe. I'll be posting interviews shortly.
Connect and follow me on LinkedIn, let me know that you found me on WITS:

If you want to be featured on WITS send me a note after connection.

Thank you for all support.
Igor Zdorovyak
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Hi Igor, it is a great initiative. I sent a connection request via linkedin. Thanks.

Nice initiative

Looking forward to your YouTube interviews.

I have also sent connection request on Linked-In.
Hey there,
that's an amazing initiative
When will the first video be published?
By the way, nice name. What is the origin of your name and surname?
I believe your video will help me to do my university assignment. .

Thanks Igor. Good initiative, looking forward to it.

Thank you all for the interest.
I am still finalizing couple of things. And definitely targeting some time in July.
In the mean time please subscribe, pass WITS to your friends!

WITS has its first interview!

Please watch it or listen to it:

Subscribe, Like, Share, Comment to WITS so that I can continue to bring you leaders and experts who will provide the insights to help you succeed.

Thank you for your support.
Have WITS to Succeed!

As the others have mentioned, this is a good initiative. I will watch your videos...
Thank you in advance for sharing your insights and wisdom.

Thanks for the invitation.

Definitely on board Igor. Subscribed!

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