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Is there any Status Report format/template for Agile project to manage the overall project and to calculate metrics/SLAs

I need to know if there is an format/template anyone using for their projects to mange the Agile projects for tracking perspective and for SLA/metrics calculation..which have all the details of SPs, Bugs of my SLA to be captured is How many SP's committed vs Delivered..

I need to have format which can cater multiple Agile projects..

Hi Manoj, one thing to keep in mind is a status report is a status report, regardless of the project approach. Sure, maybe some different KPI's are utilized, but, at the end of the day, you are reporting out current status and future forecasting.

Assuming all the data is captured, tracked, and maintained, there are various ways to expose - Excel, MS Project Reporting, or PPT. Pinterest has some good status templates, or can be used for gathering ideas for presentation options.

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