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...are PMO Manager's boring?
"PMOs are simply an Administrative function introducing layers of unnecessary bureaucracy that add little or no value. Similarly PMO Managers are boring, uninspiring creatures hidden away in an ivory tower oblivious of what's happening across the business at large."

Needless to say I don't agree with this perspective but sadly the majority of organisations do. And yet projects continue to fail...presumably there is a connection?

I'm curious how others see this? Somewhere in here is a self fulfilling prophesy, hire Administrators to run your PMO (most ads are written along these lines) and you will create an Administrative function, hire those passionate about Project Management and every now and again magic might happen. What say you?
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I agree that hiring as PMO Manager an Administrator instead of a passionate PM will create the description in your first paragraph. I know a PMO Manager whom that description fits perfectly, and after six years I still can't see any value she brings to the PMO; it has become a very bureaucratic organization, but not a very effective one.
PMO should have specific deliverable, accountability and KPIs defined, to avoid the situation of looking at them as administrative team.
Project Teams should be clearly communicated with PMO responsibilities and be part of their project plans, one example, if PMO is responsible Assurance function on a project, the same should be reflected in the Project Plans.
If its a Controlling or Directive PMO, It's more likely to be effective and have more control and impacts on projects. If it's only a Supportive one that offers templates and timesheets, it will be a boring, bureaucratic and administrative function

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