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Workday Projects?
Hello - wondering if anyone has experience (good or bad) using Workday Projects as a "PPM" solution in managing projects, portfolios, demand, resource allocation, time tracking, dashboard reporting, etc. Would greatly appreciate any input or feedback.
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Played around with Workday Projects three years ago as my company evaluated alternatives to Microsoft PPM. Pros - cheaper, similar feel to MS Project, decent dashboards for project overview.
Cons - training (at the time) was expensive. Also, not as large of a user community to lean on such as MPUG for MS Project.
Based on my experience at the time - score 8/10 would recommend

I used WorkDay Projects while one of my client was switching from Oracle 11i HRMS to WD and find it very User Friendly- BUT again at that time it was UAT Phase.
I do not have experience in Live environment.

Expansive Tool to build in for your End Clients and If I understand correctly you will need the Entire WD Suite so that data from other modules sync into PPM Module.

For me I like MS Project, Oracle Cloud PPM and SmartSheets is also a tool that's very convenient and User Friendly.

It will be interested to hear more feedback, I will give it a go and try it if they have trial version

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