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Activities of the project management processes
Project management processes, common to most projects, are associated by their performance toward a goal, such as: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and ultimately closing the project. These processes interact with each other and often in a complex way, which can not be fully explained in a document or by means of graphics. When I work on the project schedule, there are activities within each process. Is there any good practice for the project to contain the activities necessary for its execution, conduction and integration within each process? What activities can be considered essential?

Thank you if you can help me.
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My experience with project process has been that they where not presented on the schedule, time was allocated for project management.
Some task where visible for example quality control.
Some other may have different experience.
A lot of that is determined by the solution and required tasks, as defined by the requirements and design. Task dependencies can help bridge the various project phases. Checkpoints can also be of assistance here.
Your project team can assist with these questions, as they, along with experts can assist with what activities are essential.
I believe that an important point in the Project Analytical Framework model is to create an efficient management package through which the required artifacts will be produced by the methodology that I apply - but there are mandatory activities that must be performed in all projects, such as the risk assessment , Stakeholder analysis and the communication plan, for example. This relationship will vary from company to company - yes, but to a scenario where still a management maturity sought a more specific response to these activities within each process.

During this week I researched the subject and began by listing the activities in order of importance and execution, identifying the interdependencies between them. So if one task depends on the completion of another (predecessor) to be started, it should be clear at the time of putting the activities on the schedule.

Thanks for the clarifications.

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