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Topics for my new next book

Hi Everyone,
When I first entered into the Project Management space, I had myriad questions about the "REAL" PM role. You know, the practical side of the project manager. I am outlining the topics, but will definitely help a great deal, if you can give me some of your thoughts for topics/sub topics, I should cover in the real/practical side of project management book.
I like to teach and write(although discovered late, I am still glad, I did:-))
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You may want to write about:
- the ways to define a projects satisfaction levels at the closure.
- the ways to define tasks and communication in a way that they don't get stuck on one persons desk for decision making.

Please do share your bullet points so that more inputs can be given..

All the best..!!

Hi Deepa, you may want to add sections on risk and quality, but explained in a way everyone can understand. These are arguably some of the greatest issues that arise in projects. However it's alarming how few people really understand their purpose, benefits (if managed properly), and how to sell them (get buy in) to all stakeholder levels.


I would like to see something on

1. Organizational Change Management
2. Continuous feedback from customer throughout the project
3. Managing conflicts in the project

Thank you everyone. Very helpful. I am noting these down. In terms of outlining the book, I thought, I would structure the topics aligning to PMBOK sections, but will just go over real time situation/examples/scenarios explaining each one. However, I am very eager to get your thoughts on the alignment, would you rather prefer a different way? Appreciate it.

I think one of the most important factors about project management is the closing of it. The reason I say this is because I've been in different industries, and when I undertake a new project one of the first things I ask for lesson learned. I find that very important as it can help a lot with future projects.

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