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Development of services with the infrastructure in the cloud.
Do you think that a company that offers data analytics services in a specific sector, may not have infrastructure and use tools designed with infrastructure in the cloud such as google, azure, pbi, office365, mobile applications, among others, can have a model Stable business and provide a good competitive and interesting service?
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it all depends on the digital transformation roadmap and an E2E view on it through all relevant layers (from HW up to the application layer).
Do I understand you're asking whether companies can offer services without having an own infrastructure and have their solutions hosted? If so, then the question is absolutely yes. many, many companies do just that.
Now Google Analytics is not enough to analyze site traffic. The most important thing is to get the raw data from GA and get data from your CRM after that combine them. Then the information will be complete. You can build end-to-end analytics using this data. Here is an example -

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