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Rutgers Assignment "Interview a Project Manager"

If anyone is up for it you can be of help to me! I have a few questions that could replied to with as little as three-four sentences. I figured using PMI would be a great way to expand my knowledge and also hear from experienced individuals such as yourselves. Plus rep to anyone that can help!

1. How did you get into project management?

2. What do you enjoy most and what do you like least about being a project manager?

3. Did you have any training or special talents or experiences that qualified you to be a project manager? Are you certified or have you thought about becoming certified as a PMP?

4. What do you feel is the most important thing you do as a project manager? On what task do you spend the most time each day?

5. Please describe any notable successes and failures and what you’ve learned from them.

6. How does a new project manager gain the respect and loyalty of team members? Can you share any examples of situations you faced related to this topic?

7. What suggestions do you have for working with sponsors and senior managers? Can you share any examples of situations you faced related to this topic?

8. Do you have any suggestions for future project managers, such as any specific preparations they should make, skills they should learn, etc?
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Do you have the option to meet this interviewee in person? It'd be a great way to use your interview skills, network and meet this person. ~N.

Good idea Naomi.

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