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User Story ? Need Clarity

What is a USER STORY ? Is it part of collect requirement in the Project Management? Is it specifically for Agile ?
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Hi @Navdeep,

A user story is simple way to define a requirement that briefly talks about required functionality, its user and the benefit that it will deliver to the user.There are 3 parts to a user story:
1: User
2: Required functionality
3: Benefit/Value

For example, an online banking user can write a user story to define his requirement in the following manner:

As an account holder I want the ability to check my account balance online so that I can save time.

In above example:

User is account holder (of the bank)
Required functionality is online balance inquiry
And the benefit for customer is to save time since he does not need to leave his place for online balance inquiry.

User stories are used in Agile project methodologies, like Scrum, to define the project requirements. It helps promote agility, collaboration and reduces traditional documents like BRDs. Hope this helps. Thank you.

Hi Zaheer, Well explained,
Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing now I know what is User Story.

Very well explained by Zaheer.
In simple terms, a user story is a functional requirement which add value to application.

Just to add, for more details, you can watch following video:

a user story creates a more simplified vision of requirements.

User Story is used in Agile world. It is an Agile term. Like all others mentioned, it is simply a requirement when used in Waterfall(with the definition and example given by Zaheer)

To understand what a user storie is my recommendation is go the basement. For example the (while it was not created in SCRUM). For the rest of your question you have to take into account this: 1-project manager focus is project requirements, not product requirements. So, you will not use user stories to define project requirements because it has no sence. 2-user stories can be used with any type of method you use to develop products. User Stories as Use Cases exists before Agile methods exists.

I agree with you Sergio. User stories are just that, regardless of what you choose to call them. So many people try to take something (like a story) and peg it into a slot on some method or practice as if it belongs only there. We have used stories for years--from the days of assembler programming where we wanted a simple explanation of what to expect the customer needs and wants. It is much easier to simply let the customer talk, write it down, and get an agreement. later we called it pseudo-code, use cases, scenarios and finally user stories. All are about the same thing--a description of what the customer wants.

Keep in mind that a user story is just a conversation starter, so that the developer(s) can work with the product owner to understand what to deliver and to be able to size the work.
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