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Project Monitoring

What is the best approach to monitor many project that we didn't handle from start? Is it using s-curved?
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for such projects you should first collect the information what has been done uptill now from the start from all stake holders. then map the remaining work keeping in consideration the end results. For on going tasks you can use any online task management tool like TaskQue for resources management and seeing overall progress of the projects.

For such projects, you should follow these at a high level

1. Talk to the relevant people and understand what are the project objectives/deliverables and document them at least now
2. Understand any current issues/escalations and the reasons for them
3. Identify whether the project is on track, this is most important
4. Irrespective of the outcome of actions 1-3, prepare a plan for the rest of the work and closely monitor the same

Perform following-
- check project current status/performance
- assess risks
- check how critical path activities are progressing.
Based on these things, you can easily understand project status and areas need immediate attention.

- Understand the project methodology (Waterfall or Agile)
If Waterfall,
- Review the Scope of work document
- Review the Planned work vs Completed work
- Review the milestone reports
- Have a meeting with leaders and discuss about current project work and their next planning
- Review the feedback by clients if any, so that to focus on customer satisfaction

If Agile,
- Review the Product backlog
- Review the Last and Current Sprint
- Review the Sprint backlog
- Have a meeting with Scrum Master
- Review the task board and Burn down chart
- Review the feedback by clients if any, so that to focus on customer satisfaction

Based on the above facts, you will be able to understand the current status of project and from there you can monitor or track the projects.

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