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Determine Budget

Why is Enterprise Environment Factor not an input but Organizational Process Assets in Determine Budget?
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It may be because EEF are an input into the Estimate Costs process, so components of EEF (ie. market conditions and published commercial information) are already factored into Estimate Costs. Then the outputs of Estimate Costs (ie. activity cost estimates and basis of estimates) are also inputs to the Determine Budget process.

Hi Paras, Page 47 of PMBOK Guide 5th Edition. Second Paragraph.

"The Project Manager needs to consider organizational process assets and Enterprise Environmental Factors. These should be taken into account for every process, even if they are not explicitly listed as inputs in the process specification".

Really interesting question and I am looking forward to see other answers.

The main components of the EEF are: - Organizational's culture - Personnel administration - Infrastructure -Marketplace conditions. It seems like that these items aren't really helpful while determining the budget. I am just a student who intend to take the capm exam so I don't have any experience maybe I am wrong so I will be happy to be corrected if that's the case. Thanks

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