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I’m the project manager of a project which is just entering project closure. The project was an enormous success and its outcomes have exceeded expectations but we, the project team, are exceptionall

What are your tips for not only remaining motivated enough to complete the project closure activities but also to inspire the team to contribute to that? Also, to demonstrate to executive management that it is a valuable exercise to go through.
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Typically, lessons learned document has the achievements and improvements section. I would just outline everything you thought that went well and what you did and would recommend.That will help get visibility and help keep team's motivation.

Shannon, here are my thoughts:

- The most important step includes formal recognition and reward. Recognising each team member efforts and celebrating success would be a great step to ensuring on-going commitment. When are you celebrating and how? It would be great to have the executive management calling for the celebration and the rewards, hence the team feel appreciated and recognised. Ensure that the celebration takes place ASAP, the longer takes the more likely that you will be loosing the team.

- Capture Lessons Learned to applaud the decisions, steps and efforts to overcome challenges and get to a successful outcome.

- Share your learnings with the executive team - share with them what made the project a success, the team skills and abilities to work together and how the successful formula could be applied to current and future projects.

- Share the long-term plans with team members - what's in store for them once they finish? taking care of their career aspirations and growth, demonstrating that the organisation cares about them as individuals.

- Ensure that each team member takes ownership of the remaining tasks and activities - acknowledge that some of these might not be as exciting or interesting. However, they are they are required before each team member moves to better and bigger things. Work on them collectively, support each other as a team.

Well done and best wishes!

Good to see a fellow Aussie. The advice posted by Deepa and Amany just about sums it all up. Perhaps sharing surveyed results of stakeholder responses to how successful the project was.

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