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Is it ethical to teach a non-approved project management course to a corporate team studying for PMI Certification?
The course is taught by PMI credentialed PMPs using the PMBOK and Rita book, but the course does not allow the participants to claim any of the required 35 contact hours, because it's not been approved through PMI.
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It would be unethical if that information was not divulged prior, especially, if the expectation was for the attendees to earn those hours. Another factor to consider, are they charging for the course, of simply volunteering their time and effort?
Sorry, but I don't understand the question.

When you said corporate team, it means a team in your own organization? For example, when I worked in the BIG5 I was trained and mentored by team members...they were no R.E.P's, but sharing their knowledge was completely a volunteer opportunity.

On the other hand, maybe you are talking about giving a course without giving PDU's?

Become an R.E.P isn't easy because you should demonstrate 2 years of training experience.

Thank you for give us more detail to help you.
Someone studying for a PMI certification can learn from any source, even if it's not PMI approved. The information in Rita's book is very useful to people studying for PMI certification, even though they can't claim the 35 contact hours required to sit for the PMP exam.
The only part unethical would be to pretend to be PMI certified trainer if not.
PMI can choose to accept training on project management provided by anyone.

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