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What are the toughest PM interview questions you've heard?

What are the best or most difficult PM interview questions you have heard, received or used? Always curious what everyone is hearing or doing on interviews in this field as it can be all over the board. Thanks...let's discuss.
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There are some "Classic" questions in the "real" project management job interview, you can find some of them here

Tough? It depends on your preparation and interviewer skills, sometimes I felt like I was questioned by FBI instead of hiring manager... making it a tough interview instead of a fluent conversation.

Thanks Mayte. I know what you mean. Anyone else? Let's hear some secrets. I once had a group that wanted to run me through a mock kickoff meeting. Told me they would prepare their roles and they never did so I just "winged" it. Strange interview - I assigned them roles instead. They didn't really get it. But it went well and I did some work for them.

The objective of these questions is to assess core competency and behavioral tendencies for alignment and fit for our environment.
1. What is your personal SWOT analysis of your PM skillset and competency?
a. Strengths?
b. Weaknesses?
c. Opportunities for skill development?
d. Threats? Behaviors that you need to discontinue or do more of to be an effective PM?
2. What criteria are you using to find the right PM Job for you?
3. What was the last skill development activity you completed?
4. What do you like most about PM? Why?
5. What do you like the least about PM? Why?
6. What is the most import role of PM? Why?
7. In your last job assignment, what consumed most of your time?
8. What is your approach to managing stakeholder expectations?
9. How do you manage up? Share an example?
10. What is your approach to managing conflict?
11. How comfortable are you with the financial aspects of PM? Can you describe your responsibilities for financial/budget management on a previous assignment?
12. Have you ever had to make a tough ethical decision in a project management assignment? If so, can share an example?
13. What is your approach to problem solving?
14. Who were your mentors for your career in PM? What was the most valuable thing learned from your mentor?
15. Describe one of your most challenging projects? Why was it challenging and how did you pull the project through it?
16. What is your exposure to various development methodologies? [Agile, waterfall, etc.]
17. What is your exposure to information technology projects?
18. Tell me about the kinds of performance metrics you use to see if the project is on track?
19. Tell me about a time when you moved a project into yellow or red status? How did you report on it? How did you get it back to green?
20. Tell me about how you approach Risk management on a new project
21. How do you handle a situation where a stakeholder does not want to surface and address Risk?
22. How do you hold a team accountable for quality, not quantity?
23. Tell me about a failure and what you learned from it.
24. What would your peers and past supervisor tell me about you?
25. Tell me about a personal legacy that you created on one of your projects

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