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I decided about 4 years ago that project mgt was what I wanted to do. I had previously worked as a project co-ordinator for 3 years, but wanted to move up. I decided to skill myself up and study.
I did the IMPA course (level D) while living in Ireland and had the choice of doing my PMP qualification at the same time. I chose not to do it, partly because of cost (but also because at the time I wasn't in project management!). I thought it was a great deal of outlay and would be more beneficial if I waited until I was actually working as a PM! I have sinced managed a few projects, but nothing major.
Four years on, I’m back in Australia working vaguely in the realm of PM; I would like to do a Six Sigma qualification. Is it a waste of time and money or will it make me more marketable? Also, what’s bigger as far as a PM qualifications (esp. in Australia) PMP or Six Sigma? Can someone please advise what is the best way of moving firmly into PM.
Thanks in advance……..
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Dear Anonymous, why not pursue both? Regarding what would make you more marketable; experience, experience, experience. "Know how" is nice, but people hire for "can do". But seriously, a certification may get your resume read, but pertinent experiences and good references will get you hired. All the best. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International

Six Sigma is more about process than project management. So, I think it depends on what types of projects you are working on. My background has been software and web development. The PMP has certainly been the main requirement in the majority of my projects. Where I see a lot of Black Belts is in process improvement projects. Things like improving the process for mortgage applications. Out of that type of project, there have been process improvements that have led to software improvements or new software applications being installed.

That being said, I have already earned my PMP which given my industry, is the most important but am now working towards earning my black belt certification.

One last thing I need to mention is that the PMP is governed by one single organization, PMI - whereas to earn your black belt (or even green or orange) is up to the certifying organization and can vary from company to company...

I am not sure what is Popular in Australia, but Six Sigma and PMP are two different things. Comparing them is like Apples to oranges (Both are fruits and good for health :-)). PMP is a Project Management Methodology where as Six Sigma talks abt process maturity and hence less possibilities of defect. May be one can apply Six Sigma methodologies to Managing projects based on PMI specified PMBOK startegies. So, in effect project Management is also a process and can be modelled on six sigma for implementation.

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