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Is PM challenge questions useful for PMP certification?
Hi, I´m preparing for PMP exam and I´m wondering how useful the PMchallenge questions are as a training material. I know it has questions like agile but I see most of the questions related with PMBOK, any advice? Thanks
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The PM Challenge questions are a fun past time to keep you fresh, but should not take place of the latest PMBok and other PMP-centric resources you can find online. the questions on the PMP exam vary in content. The questions here are also not framed in the same manner as they are in the PMP exam.
I would not recommend them for PMP, maybe for CAPM but definitely not PMP.
Bear in mind that PMP requires experience so questions are likely to be more focused into "real world situation" and PMPChallenges are more like glossary, basic terms, etc.
it can not be considered as the only tool to study.
you may use it as a memory challenge
1 reply by Salvatore Castellano
Oct 04, 2017 9:57 AM
Salvatore Castellano
Agreed, it's a really good useful tool as a memory challenge!
Everyone is saying the same thing here:
The PM Challenge is more to keep you refreshed about the PMP (but not the only/best way to do so) it does keep your mind going about the PMP.
But if you are ONLY using this as a study/practice guide, it is not recommended. There are many other solid practices exams that you can find that is better suited in helping you prepare for the exam.
Oct 04, 2017 9:28 AM
Replying to Faisal Dawari
it can not be considered as the only tool to study.
you may use it as a memory challenge
Agreed, it's a really good useful tool as a memory challenge!
It´s helpful, it make you challengue yourself.
I've found some inaccurate answers so would not recommend PM Challenge questions when preparing for the CAPM or PMP. The same is true for many of the free sources of exam questions out there. In general, if a reputable provider is charging you for exam questions, there is some expectation of a quality deliverable - if not, you get what you pay for!

PM challenge questions are too basic and easy. They are helpful in exercising your mind to basic concept of terms but in real exam you should be expecting more situational based scenarios with lots of information given in single question and you need to filter out the relevant information to answer the question.
Thanks a lot everybody, I just got my PMP certification!! Basically I used three books for this PMBOK Guide, Rita´s book and "PMP Exam Practice Test and Study Guide".

Following your advice I used my time on these books instead on PM Challenge and finally I see that PM Challenge questions are too easy compared with the PMP exam.

Thanks and best regards
Felicitationes, Ricardo!

Celebrate this momentous event then come and share your lessons learned during your PMP journey.
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