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Is PM challenge questions useful for PMP certification?
Hi, I´m preparing for PMP exam and I´m wondering how useful the PMchallenge questions are as a training material. I know it has questions like agile but I see most of the questions related with PMBOK, any advice? Thanks
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Jul 17, 2017 1:47 PM
Replying to Markus Kopko, PMP
I have to disagree with my fellow colleagues here.
I would NOT recommend to use the PMChallenge as part of your PMP preparations.
PMChallenge is fun and make help to remember some vocabulary and concepts but the questions and furthermore the answer types are not up to date and could be even misleading especially for PMP aspirants.

There are a lot of good resources for PMP prep out there.

In addition you can find several threads in the forum here where this topic is discussed already.


could you please suggest me some useful PMP exam test thanks a lot
The questions are easy and for refreshing but absolutely not to use for PMP Exam Prep.
I don't think you should use PM challenge for PMP preparation because some of the questions are not directly related to the PMP exam. You can use it to refresh your memory once you become a PMP.
While preparing for PMP certification, you will be better placed if you use some professional training material including practice questions or full fledged mock tests to successfully pass in the PMP exam.

By using PM Challenge questions, you may risk becoming overconfident in case you start answering the PM Challenge questions with ease and start scoring well whereas one may expect more situational and indirect questions in PMP exam which will surely be more difficult to answer.

Therefore, from my experience as a PMP certification Trainer/Instructor, I would suggest that besides attempting few good mock tests from some reliable training provider, you would need thorough preparation of PMBOK and sufficient practical experience in application of key concepts, processes including various inputs, tools and technologies in your projects/work assignments.
PM challenge only help you to refresh your knowledge in PM.
Jul 18, 2017 3:51 PM
Replying to Ed Tsyitee Jr
I used the PM Challenge Questions when I studied for my CAPM. I found it useful in that in helped me prepare for an exam that specifically asked project management questions.

While none of these are on any PMI exam, I would highly recommend using those questions to condition your mind for project management related questions. It will help ease the anxiety of taking the exam.
Agreed here, I looked at them -- but found other materials to be far more important.

These are nice to refer back to.
Jul 26, 2017 10:31 AM
Replying to Gary Hamilton
Diffulculty and content, the PM challenge questions are more in line with the CAPM. To prepare for the PMP, I would not suggest using them. There are many other sources for sample practice questions available.
Where can I find the other sources?
RMC solutions (prep books and fastrack simulators) are a great source of prepration for PMI exams.
PM precast is again very good.
No. PMChallenge is not a tool for exam preparation.
They were fun to answer; but I would use more recent material (focused on latest PMBOK).
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