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Project Intake Process Development Challange

I have been tasked to develop a project intake process in a large and complex organization servicing individuals and business for a number of different services through all channels of communication.
So my questions are:
1. Has someone experienced this challenge, and if they can share their learnings.
2. What would be a good budget estimate (%) for project intake cost based on project size? Perhaps different estimates for different project sizes (T1,…T4)
3. Has anyone used Planview for Project intake and if yes, what is your learning?
Thank you for taking the time to share your learning and respond t my request.

For the intake process, here are some steps
1. Identify the scope and which functional and technical area it falls in.
2. Bring the stakeholders into one meeting(typically- tech leads, managers, SMEs)
3. Yes, based on T-shirt sizes, estimate the budget.
4. Fill the necessary documentation based on the size of the project(different approvals from sponsors, finance etc)
one example: less than 500K, internal scope budget, greater than 500K, Director and Sponsors formal approval etc.
Hope this helps.

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