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What is the role of the project manager in an Agile project that has a Product Owner and a Scrum master on the team ?

In my view a project manager assigned to an Agile project, can fill the role of Scrum master/Product Owner/Team member according to his/her inclination, experience, background, skills, etc... But assigned to a project where these roles have already been filled ? I believe the value add is in coordination (eg. virtual teams), internal/external communications, customer relationship (supporting PO), contract management, risk management, quality management...Comments ?
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I imagine a PM might be particularly useful in coordinating interactions between teams participating in a Scrum of Scrums, particularly if those teams aren't co-located.


If your team is actually using Scrum, then there is no role for a project manager. There may be work a PM can do to help the developers, but the PM should generally stay out of their way and let them self-manage. If they don't need a PM's help, the PM should have the courage to admit it and find another position. This is tough to accept, but it's better than filling a position with no responsibilities and which adds no value.

On the other hand, if your organization isn't really using Scrum, then I have to ask what value the scrum master adds.

In SCRUM, you could say that Scrum Master could fix as project manager.

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