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Hardest project you've ever done?

What's the hardest project you've done, and why do you consider it your hardest?
Any advice/lessons learned you'd like to share that would have made it better for those who might run into it sometime in their PM career?
Thank you
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The hardest project I have ever worked on was a project about gathering some quartz's mineralization to see if they contain gold or not. At the beginning I was supposed to be just a trainee learning how things work. But after 5 days the talented project manager was replaced by an other one who was not qualified. And from trainee I turned into the project manager in the shadow. Because I was the one who the project manager asked what to do. Thanks fully it's wasn't a big deal because I learned the essential things to do with the former project manager. And what I learned during the project is that when working on a project as team member one has to understand the whole project not just what you are supposed to do. Because things can change and if you know exactly what to do then you can help to achieve the project.

The next. Every project is hardest in terms of challenge to achieve project objectives.

this is my first time be a project engineer, i don't know what is the most hardest, but i think if a project fail on my hand. the hardest project it is. i know every project success need a success team and a success soil. so just do my best, it is the most important thing.

The hardest projects to work on in general are the projects that get approved even though the desired outcome or result is still not completely known/defined. These type of projects are set-up to fail from the beginning.

The hardest projects in my perspective is that which impacts more stakeholders
internally and externally both. These type of projects are set-up to e on path of failure/ delay if PM realizes that some very important Key stakeholders were unidentified during the initial stage of the project from the beginning.

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