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War-Room - Share your tips

A Team has been put together and a War-Room assigned. What tips do you have to create an optimum working atmosphere and get the most out of it?
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War-Room should be created for specific task which needs to be taken on highest priority than others. Also the team may have to work in stretch shifts to achieve those goals that's why they separated from team and located in to specific room. So important aspect is Specific Defined Goal for the Optimum utilization of War Room approach.

War-Room is like you are in your home with all your family 8 hours per day. Think about it and you will be successful in managing a war-room.

Fijar claramente el objetivo para que surjan cuanto antes las dudas o puntos a discutir. Establecer unas reglas de juego sobre como plantear cada punto y como se tomarán las decisiones. Presentar una propuesta previa de los puntos de conflicto y establecer un orden de intervención. Transmitir que el principal objetivo es favorecer y, en última instancia, conseguir la toma de decisiones en base a la colaboración de todos los miembros del equipo.

There is a need to set ground rules and policies to create an optimum working atmosphere due to differences. Personal differences should be set aside.

In a worst case scenario, if disagreements and differences of opinion escalate into conflict, there should be a mediator to intervene. If conflict is not handled effectively, the impact and results are damaging to the team's morale and working relationship which will adversely affect the project.

Agree with Jess.

In addition to Jess's comment, its is good to understand that collation present good opportunity for managing conflicts and create an optimum working atmosphere. However, every project team should be made conscious of their part in enforcing ground rules. Thus, its important to key in the following into the communication plan:

-- Daily Startup meetings should be spontaneous
-- In a functional organization, buzz session should be practiced

War rooms are created for a purpose. Make sure your team's focus, direction and action plan for the activities will make the best use of this resource. Find out from your team what they need and make sure their resources are made available.

I have found that having good food and coffee available in the war room also helps! Keeps up the morale for long hours. I like to physically set up the war room with seating in a circle so we are all facing one another - it helps with clear immediate communication.

Coffee and a round table is good advice from Lori, since the other war room fundamentals were covered here by other members.

i just think there must have a leader of them, if they talk the topics you can't control, it will become unuseful for you.
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