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Experiences with different process modelling tools
I'm looking for a process modelling tool and asking for experience.

The tool shall help me to create processes for new product development based on given norms.
I looking for a tool in which I can define processes as a template including deliverables and RACI matrix (role based) for each activity and deliverable. This process templates shall then be connected, linked and merged to an overall development process. Instancing this overall process in a project the roles shall be manned and the concrete responsibles name shall be inserted.

Do you have some experiences with such a tool? My first idea was stages. But I don't know if it fits all my needs.

Looking forward to your suggestions.
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Jan, from own project experience I can recommend the following:
- Bizagi
Use a BPMN-based tool, than you are on the right path.
And, even more importantly, do see it at a one-time excercise (than it is waste!). Integrate the tool in a BPM strategy.
typo correction: Do not see it at a one-time excercise....

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