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Business Analysis - what is the lifecycle of a business analysis with respect to a project?

Projects are borne out of business requirements, and analysis of business requirements with respect to possible solution is the scope of Business Analysis. In this context, it is interesting to know what would be the lifecycle of the Business Analysis- covering the start- progress and end.. we may discuss and elaborate here.
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Hope, I understand your question correct.
Business Analysis is triggered by market and mainly customer demands. So, it exists as a permanent challenge causing change and also a demand for a project or even several different projects.
What should be the major milestones build in a project schedule for the "re-design" of a website?

My team is currently working on a wordpress platform but the new website will be built on blackbauds luminate.

We are outsourcing a design team to do the design work.

The development will be done by a different group.

I am managing the design piece.

What should be the major milestones and how is it best to build the schedule and durations.

The design group is on the other side of the country so the work will be done remotely.

I have in-house design consultants but they are not doing the work.

Any suggestions on how to manage this project?

We also have a tight timeframe for the design prototype to be handed off to Blackbaud by 11/01.

My recommendation is going to PMI and IIBA documentation. I worked from the genesis of the role generation in theory (working with both as volunteer to define the role and to create the standards) and in practice. Business Analysis is beyond requirements. But related to project the best way to understand it is: project requirements are defined from product requirements. Business analyst is accountable for product requirements while project manager is accountable for project requirements. But no project exists if the business analyst does not work all the work needed to decide about the project existence and when project ends business analyst still remains active to monitoring if defined benefits are achieved. if not, a new cycle begins.

@Sergio, Thanks for your inputs, I do agree with your mention that business analysis function even goes beyond project.

@Peter Ambrosia, Thanks, for sharing your thoughts about pervasive nature of business analysis function.

I agree to you Peter Ambrosy, that was a good explanation indeed. Business Analysis is important because it plays a crucial role in a business or in a company. It influences and it can control the strategic planning and processes of a business.

Maryann Farrugia, CEO

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