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How relevant innovation is in the routine project tasks?

How relevant innovation is in the routine project tasks?
Is innovation is a separate activity followed by research and development team or it can be adopted in the routine project doings? Is it safe to devise/develop test and apply innovations in the routine project activities without impacting project timelines and objectives?
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Yes and No in my opinion. Innovation is always great no matter which area it is. Especially in a place where a mundane process is followed that no longer brings value or does not bring value in a certain area or phases in the PMO process. However, it also depends on the leadership to listen and evaluate the ideas brought to the table, without their support, it is hard to get those implemented without impacting project timelines. If you have a good understanding leadership, then it is a YES.

I agree with Deepa. In order to really innovate, because sometimes there is failure, you need the support from management.

I always love it when management says, "Be innovative and creative, but follow the rules". That is a recipe for disaster because that shows management does not really understand what innovation is or the properties that come with it.

I often build in innovation in the activities. You can build the time in the individual activities or you can have a hammock activity to capture it. I prefer the former as you can then treat innovation as an expected output of the activity.

As a personal innovation rule, I will spend up to the amount of time it takes to do a routine activity once in innovation. In other words, if a routine task takes me an hour to do every week, I will spend up to one hour to try to increase efficiency.

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