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Project Manager Reporting Structure?

Currently i am responsible as a PROJECT MANAGER for a expansion factory construction project and Product transition for product which will be transferred from some other factory to new expansion factory.Right Now functionally i am reporting to Director of operations.
My reporting manager is the the Project Champion for the project which i am holding, in the same time since he is from operation background, he is also responsible for expansion factory, machines which is coming and for product transition from operation perspective.
As a stakeholder, he has lot of influence in project as well.
project status - just started one month before.

My questions are below
1. Since my reporting manager is holding many deliverable, am i going to face any difficulties going forward?
2. Should i talk to my management to restructure my reporting, so that i can some freedom to operate as a project manager?
3. or am i worrying too much in start itself, should i take some more time and take an action based on progress?

looking for your expertise feedback and comments.

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Just to make sure
Project Manager report to Project Champion report to Director of Operation, for the projet.
And both PM and PC report to DO at a functional report.
You project is the factory construction
The PC does also the procurement for the factory machinery and will do the project of Change Management for the transition.
Who's project is the machinery installation?
First be clear on the full project/program.

Hi Santhosh

I don't think this is something you should worry about, esp when he has high influence on the project. You both can work collaboratively, and obtain success in the project. Unless he/she is creating other issues that are otherwise political in nature, I don't think any need for reorg on the reporting structure, IMO.

Cultivation and Cooperation are the ways t proceed here. You have a project sponsor with authority and influence, and you want him to recognize you as a professional with skills to complete the project. As well, since he is also the primary stakeholder, and expected recipient of the deliverables, you want to be sure the two of you are in synch so that your project team produces what is required and expected.

Perhaps meet with both your functional manager and sponsor and work out when and when not to report to either, the boundaries of whom you report to (ie. project related to the sponsor, job related to your functional manager), so there is no misunderstanding.

Treat them as you would any other stakeholder: discuss with them their needs and expectations in regards to your project. Then you should plan your communication strategy to ensure they have a positive influence on your project.

Thanks for all your views

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