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How about current young work force tend to embrace Project Management techniques ?

New work force (India having nearly 60% of young workforce), be it from Gen Y and Millenials.... Will they be interested in taking up traditional PM methodologies or will they move to Agile..... How about new technologies influence PM techniques..
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A mixture of both I'm sure, since both exist and are in use.

It depends on who they mentor with and what the organization embraces. They will have the benefit of having a fresh perspective and can weigh the pros and cons of each agile vs waterfall. I believe they will take the best of both worlds, develop hybrid approaches, and probably do a better job with them than us old people :-)

I expect younger generations expect shorter turnaround times. That would seem to favour iterative approaches, whether predictive or adaptive.

I suspect that the younger project managers probably also expect the availability of mobile PM tools.

The important things is: there are not "tranditional" or "agile" project management. The only thing you have is project management performed in some way (PMI, GPM, IPMA, other) inside an environment based on a practice. So, you can apply project management following the PMI way inside a predictive/waterfall based environment by using Agile practices.

In fact most adaptive approaches, like SCRUM, retain a predictive component in each sprint. SCRUM suggests that you should plan the features to include in your upcoming sprint.

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