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Work Scheduling Tool Question

Is there a scheduling tool that distinguishes between work and duration at the task level?

I need to be able to assign multiple tasks to people that might require a days worth of work, but have a duration of a week, or more. I can set Max Units (MS Project) to spread the work over the duration when a person just has one task/work package, but this does not work when a person has tasks with overlapping durations that I can't combine into one work package. At least, not if I want to use resource leveling.

Additionally, this would ideally be a tool that users could enter their own tasks into, and identify the work and duration (effectively eliminating MS Project) and update the status.

Yes, I could probably break down the tasks into smaller pieces and eliminate this problem, but then the schedule grows exponentially and there's no guarantee the work will actually be done on the day identified - it's part of a process. There is a commitment to finish the process in a set time, but not the individual steps.

I suggest check the link

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