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PDU Credit for Transactional Yellow Belt...?
Hi there, Everyone!

Quick question: does anyone know or have an idea about the number of PDU credits a person may claim for a Transactional Yellow Belt certification project?

Thanks tons in advance!

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Any ideas from the group here about what kind of PDU credit you can claim towards the PMP PDU requirements from a Transactional Yellow Belt? Thanks!
FYI in case anyone's interested: I poked around a bit with PMI on this question from a couple days ago and ended up opening a chat with them. Here's what they said:

"As long as the course/certification is related to project management the formula is 1 hour equals 1 PDU."

And I guess you can claim it from any category related to the topic of your Transactional Yellow Belt. If PMI disagrees with your categorization, they'll let you know!

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