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Measures of Success
What measures of success to you use to determine if your PMs are successful?
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Dear Anonymous, evaluating and assessing the success of PMs is quite important and can vary from high level measures to detail performance reporting. We see a number of project organizations assessing, evaluating, and ranking their PMs in terms of three areas; the project results achieved under their management, how well the PM and the PM's project team executed (followed the prescibed processes and best practices), and the extent to which the PM contributed to organizational project management improvement and maturity. More and more organizations appreciate that PMs are in a unique position to not only improve the ROI of the organization through successful project delivery, but to also play to key role as individual contributor, subject matter experts, in helping management "get things right" with respect to project organizational processes, best practices, improvement, and maturity. Cheers. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International

great answer!

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