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PMI Representative from every Organization

As per my understanding, there is no selected/elected PMI representative from all the organizations. Most of the PMI certified managers work independently with the PMI organization. This limits the scope of contributions from all the PMI managers as they do not find time to make regular contributions to PMI. Thereby, most of challenges faced and innovations done at the grass root level are missing publications and knowledge is not shared. If there is a formal representation from each company, then everyone can contribute actively and some of minor achievements will also be noticed and shared. This gives lot of professional satisfaction and sense of doing something purposeful in case of routine projects.
Thereby, I am suggesting to set up a forum or initiate a separate thread by the PMI to encourage this practice.
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Pallavi, This is the forum. The community is the PMI forum. All PMI members are encouraged to join in on the discussions and articles. PMI cannot control who, and from which organization joins the community, but they certainly make it simple for those interested to join using their current PMI credentials.

I totally agree with Andrew.

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